olivia says

all things seem mention of themselves

Song by Frank O’Hara in honor of his birthday


I am stuck in traffic in a taxicab
which is typical
and not just of modern life

mud clambers up the trellis of my nerves
must lovers of Eros end up with Venus
muss es sein? es muss nicht sein, I tell you

how I hate disease, it’s like worrying
that comes true
and it simply must not be able to happen

in a world where you are possible
my love
nothing can go wrong for us, tell me


changing behavior, changing culture

This doctor, Dr. Lustig, is so cool. He is trying to teach kids and their parents how to eat on a budget AND eat healthy. Healthy living starts in the family! It is wise to make a distinction between good sugar and bad sugar. Good sugar is naturally occurring and there is a proportional amount of fiber to slow the sugar’s absorption, so that you don’t get a sugar high with its subsequent crash. 

On a less inspiring note, Dr. Lustig outlines the menu of the national school breakfast program: Fruit Loops and orange juice. 25% of school-age children are enrolled in this program. While eating breakfast is good and the program (assumedly) well-intentioned, the spike in blood sugar might actually really impede learning. When they get the sugar crash from these 11 teaspoons of added sugar (!!!) they will feel lethargic and perhaps have trouble focusing. These poor kids. It’s time for a culture shift, people! How can we keep cost down while providing healthy breakfasts to 25% of the school age population? I question I intend to think on today! 

Find the article here.

blessing in disguise

Yes, they are alive and can have those colors,
But I, in my soul, am alive too.
I feel I must sing and dance, to tell
Of this in a way, that knowing you may be drawn to me.

And I sing amid despair and isolation
Of the chance to know you, to sing of me
Which are you. You see,
You hold me up to the light in a way

I should never have expected, or suspected, perhaps
Because you always tell me I am you,
And right. The great spruces loom.
I am yours to die with, to desire.

I cannot ever think of me, I desire you
For a room in which the chairs ever
Have their backs turned to the light
Inflicted on the stone and paths, the real trees

That seem to shine at me through a lattice toward you.
If the wild light of this January day is true
I pledge me to be truthful unto you
Whom I cannot ever stop remembering.

Remembering to forgive. Remember to pass beyond you into the day
On the wings of the secret you will never know.
Taking me from myself, in the path
Which the pastel girth of the day has assigned to me.

I prefer “you” in the plural, I want “you”
You must come to me, all golden and pale
Like the dew and the air.
And then I start getting this feeling of exaltation.

- John Ashbery, my blessing in disguise 

do you know?

"I suppose that to know a thing is to see it from all sides." 

- Moody, “The Luminaries” by Eleanor Catton

Ottolenghi's Butternut Squash

A delicious, nutritious, vegan recipe for butternut squash with tahini and pine nuts. So nourishing for the winter months! 


Check out Sophia Wallace’s seminal project, Cliteracy. 


There were 60 million buffalo in America before 1492. By 1890 the population was reduced to 750. In 200, there were 360,000, but the majority of those are raised for slaughter. And to think they roamed the plains of the US freely and peacefully alongside the Native Americans…


The spirit
  likes to dress up like this:
    ten fingers, 
      ten toes,

shoulders, and all the rest
  at night
    in the black branches,
      in the morning

in the blue branches
  of the world.
    It could float, of course,
      but would rather

plumb rough matter.
  Airy and shapeless thing,
    it needs 
      the metaphor of the body,

lime and appetite,
  the oceanic fluids;
    it needs the body's world,

and imagination
  and the dark hug of time,
      and tangibility,

to be understood,
  to be more than pure light
    that burns
      where no one is --

so it enters us --
  in the morning
    shines from brute comfort
      like a stitch of lightning;

and at night
  lights up the deep and wondrous
    drownings of the body
      like a star.

-Mary Oliver
A bunch of hens were rescued from a factory farm and brought to various NY animal sanctuaries! How LOVELY!! via NYTIMES

Good Egg

Inhumane farming practices weigh heavy on my mind. Hampton Creek Foods is a source of inspiration for me. Realizing that the industry egg business is both unsustainable and inhumane, the folks over at HCF invented “just eggs” and “just mayo” from pea protein. The thing is, they know no one is going to buy it if doesn’t provide the consumer her egg fix, so they have done a remarkable job of creating a texture and flavor very similar to eggs! And, no chickens had to suffer in dark, dirty quarters to provide your sunny side up. While we’re on the topic, if you have to eat eggs, go to your local farmers market and pick up some eggs from pastured hens. Not only are you supporting a better system, but you are also supporting your health. Pastured eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat, while boasting much higher levels of vitamin A, vitamin E, beta carotene and the ever-treasured scavengers, omega-3s!!! Know your food.